Ayuda Mutua de Durham

We are a network of neighbors organizing mutual aid in Durham

Somos personas comunes de Durham trabajando para apoyar el activismo local, conectar al pueblo con recursos, y construir un movimiento popular para abordar esta crisis. Somos padres, personas de la tercera edad, inmigrantes, personas con discapacidades y enfermedades crónicas, trabajadores de cuidado, organizadores, defensores y cualquiera quien quiera involucrarse.

Neighborhood Mutual Aid Groups

Find your neighborhood’s mutual aid group below. Click for contact info. Take your neighborhood’s survey to share your needs and ways you can offer support.

Survey: bit.ly/burchavenue
Email: burchavemutualaid@gmail.com
Phone: 919-283-1657
Email: CHMutualAid@gmail.com
Survey: bit.ly/dukeparkaid
Email: dukeparkmutualaid@gmail.com
Survey: bit.ly/lakewoodresponse
Email: lakewoodresponse@gmail.com
Phone: 919-351-9926
Email: longmeadowhelps@gmail.com
Website: durhammutualaid.org/north/
Survey: tiny.cc/northgatepark
Email: northgateresponse@gmail.com
Phone: 919-886-4614
Survey: https://bit.ly/2WBGBdK
Email: ONDmutualaid@gmail.com
Email: old.west.aid@gmail.com
Survey: https://tinyurl.com/SWDurhamSurvey
Email: swdurhammutualaid@gmail.com
Email: tridgemutualaid@gmail.com
Survey: bit.ly/trinityparkconnect
Email: trinityparkmutualaid@gmail.com
Survey: bit.ly/WalltownResponse
Email: walltownmutualaid@gmail.com
Survey: http://bit.ly/whmutualaid
Email: WattsHillandaleMutualAid@gmail.com
Survey: http://www.bit.ly/westendstrong
Email: westendstrong@gmail.com

Mutual aid is happening all over Durham in every neighborhood (and in areas that aren’t defined as neighborhoods). The groups listed here are just those that have formally joined our Durham Mutual Aid network so far. If you’d like to have your group listed here, let us know at durham.mutual.aid@gmail.com. If you’re not in any of the neighborhoods listed here and you’d like to connect with others interested in organizing for mutual aid, fill out this form and we can help: http://www.tinyurl.com/DurhamOrganizers.

Mutual Aid Projects in Durham:

Que es la ayuda mutua?

Everyone has something to give and something to offer, not just physical resources but time, labor, encouragement, and ideas. Mutual aid is about recognizing that the dominant system is not meeting all of our needs for survival and that we can organize to meet each other’s needs now. Mutual aid cannot pay everyone’s rent (and we recognize that will soon be a universal crisis) but we can take care of each other today and tomorrow in smaller ways. For more info on “mutual aid,” see The Big Door Brigade and Mutual Aid Disaster Relief.