North Durham Mutual Aid

About us:

We are helping neighbors support each other in North Durham. Since March 2020, We’ve been building relationships of mutual aid across the neighborhoods of Northgate Park, Colonial Village, Braggtown, and surrounding areas. What we mean by “mutual aid” is when people get together to meet each other’s basic survival needs and care for one another, while recognizing that the dominant institutions are not going to meet all of our needs.

Within our neighborhood, we use a listserv for sharing needs, questions, and offers of support. Some of us are “block coordinators” who set up means of communication between neighbors on our blocks. We recently created a food distribution group, which connects people who offer to donate food with people who are in need of food (as well as other resources, such as masks and diapers). As of late May, we are distributing food and masks to about 9-12 families each week. We have a fund for donations to help pay for the food. We are also supporting a Senior Solidarity Project to help provide resources to older adults who live in public housing. Most recently, we started a new group to create alternatives to policing in North Durham.

Please let us know if you’d like to collaborate with us!

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Phone: 919-886-4614 (Google Voice)

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