Old North Durham + Duke Park Mutual Aid

About us: 

Since March 2020, we’ve been building solidarity among neighbors in Old North Durham, Duke Park and beyond. Mutual Aid is a flexible and nimble model of community support — we share what we already have, we support our immediate neighbors, and we use resources to lift everyone up. 

We believe no one should be worried about where they are going to get their next meal, whether their landlord will evict them, or whether they will lose power and water because they can’t afford to pay. We believe in a world where parents don’t have to choose between a job and childcare, people have time and space to rest and care for themselves and individuals don’t shoulder the blame for structural problems. 

We invite you to join our mutual aid network so that we can begin to build a world where everyone is cared for and has what they need. 

Here are some highlights of our mutual aid work as a neighborhood:

  • We redistributed over $25,000 between neighbors for rent, utilities, hunger relief, and holiday cheer.
  • We distributed hundreds of masks with contributions from community organizations like Covering the Triangle. 
  • We collected laptops and webcams to support Durham Nativity School students’ transition to remote learning. 
  • We held an outdoor, socially-distanced community forum with recipients of the rent/utilities relief fund to get to know each other better and brainstorm ideas for how to support each other going forward. 
  • We’ve held two neighborhood swaps for neighbors to exchange clothing, furniture, books and other household items.
  • We supported each other with grocery shopping, yard work, transportation, food, clothes, and children’s items.
  • We checked in on one another through phone calls and texts.

Donate:  We are launching a fund to meet neighbors’ emergency needs like rent, medical bills or other unanticipated expenses. Donations in any amount can be made here:  https://www.chuffed.org/project/old-north-durhamduke-park-mutual-aid-fund

How to reach us: